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Print Media + Shelf Talkers

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Introducing "Print Media + Shelf Talkers" as a professional solution for stockists to maximize product engagement and visibility, promote Wild Emery brand credentials (such as vegan formulas, handmade products and members of 1% For The Planet) for official stockists, and enhancing your merchandising story; without increasing waste. Our print media and shelf talkers include business cards, information cards, and product displays (more items to be added intermittently) to provide an effective way to communicate product features or benefits in a retail settings. Quality printed materials create an impactful and memorable customer experience. 

Why? Rather than automatically including assorted print media with each order, we recognize that different stockists/buyers will promote, display and sell/gift their Wild Emery products in many various ways. To reduce wastage, we have opted to offer these print media items as an optional add-on for those stores/sellers wishing to include these print items with their products. 

If you require replacement/additional print media items in-between orders please contact us,

Or if you have a request for a new print media item, to support your business displaying/selling Wild Emery products, please reach out as we are always looking to expand and improve our offering and support our stockists wherever possible.

Print Media + Shelf Talker products currently available:

Wild Emery information business cards, assorted colours (lot of 10)

What is a shower steamer? business cards, assorted colours (lot of 10)

Wild Emery double-sided table tent




Handmade in Beechworth.

Micro batch and handmade means every batch and product may vary slightly from the next in size and shape, but we consider this to be our perfect imperfections.

We use premium ingredients which are clean and safe. All Wild Emery products are Vegan and Cruelty Free .


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$18 Express shipping in Australia

Free Shipping on orders over $80

exc. wholesale

Packaged and shipped with sustainability in mind. Wrappers and paper/card stock can be recycled. Gift boxes with acrylic display windows can be recycled. Cardboard boxes and hex wrap can be composted or recycled. All shrink wrap used is biodegradable.



Weight when packaged

Some bath and body products such as soap and bath bombs will lose weight over time. We cure relevant products to minimize weight loss once packaged.