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Signature Collection Wax Melts - Box Set

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Wild Emerys signature collection wax melt box set is the ultimate collection of long-lasting fragrance, natural soy was melts.

The signature collection is purpose designed to unify every room in the house with a luxurious and premium scent that will embrace everyone in and visiting your home. With 5 signature scents to choose from, this box set allows you to sample and experience the full range, and discover which fragrance speaks to you, and reminds you of the comfort of home.

What is your homes signature scent?

EBONY TREE with crisp notes of green leaves, jasmine, sage, oakmoss and water.

BROWN SUGAR with rich notes of Maple, molasses, sandalwood, caramel, and vanilla bean.

BLONDE CASHMERE with warm notes of vanilla orchid, Maple, blonde woods, and cashmere. 

KAKADU PLUM with fruity notes of passionfruit, lime, violet,  gardenia, and guava. 

BLACK CHERRY with vibrant notes of raspberry coulis, rose water, carry sorbet, and vanilla bean.

Hand poured in Beechworth with natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils for a strong and long-lasting scent.


Hydrogenated Soy Bean (all-natural soy wax) Oil, Perfum (fragrance).


Handmade in Beechworth.

Micro batch and handmade means every batch and product may vary slightly from the next in size and shape, but we consider this to be our perfect imperfections.

We use premium ingredients which are clean and safe. All Wild Emery products are Vegan and Cruelty Free .


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Packaged and shipped with sustainability in mind. Wrappers and paper/card stock can be recycled. Gift boxes with acrylic display windows can be recycled. Cardboard boxes and hex wrap can be composted or recycled. All shrink wrap used is biodegradable.


Store in a cool dry place under 25°.

WARNING For use with wax warmers only. Do not add water. Do not light wax directly. Hot liquid may cause burns. Avoid contact with skin. Do not touch or move wax while in liquid form or hot.



Weight when packaged 450g

Some bath and body products such as soap and bath bombs will lose weight over time. We cure relevant products to minimize weight loss once packaged.