Very spicy, very peppery, very woodsy! Our Inspire shower steamer is an outdoorsy scented crisp shower steamer. Sure to wake you up in the morning.

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    For a sweet and floral shower steamer (but without lavender in the mix), you won't need to look past the sweet steamer we make.

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Australian bath, body + gifts handmade in Beechworth

wild emery ethos

Born from a love and need for self-care, Wild Emery has been created with environmental and social sustainability at the forethought of our core values and product narrative. Focused on creating luxurious and unique artisan bath and body products that bring indulgence into every day, that promote self-care with ingredient transparency and a consciousness for our collective environmental impact. Made with sustainability at every level of production in mind from ingredient sourcing to our custom designed packaging.

Meet The Maker

I'm Beth. Mum of two young boys, a creative at heart and wedding photographer by trade. Creating Wild Emery has been a dream come true, being able to create beautiful handcrafted products that bring happiness into the lives of others. I'm a big advocate for self-care, and taking time for yourself in this fast paced world. I have designed every step in the range and delivery of Wild Emery products, from recipe developement, essential oil blends, packaging digital artwork, down to photography and website. I hope you love my products as much as I do x